Year 9 options

GCSE Options Information

Year 9 Options Assembly for Parents/Carers - YouTube

Year 9 Options Assembly for Parents/Carers - PDF

Many thanks to all parents/carers who have been able to watch the Year 9 Options Assembly for Parents/Carers via YouTube or have downloaded and read the PDF version.  In case you have not managed to do so, you can access the assembly by clicking on either of the links above.  The assembly outlines the Options process in some detail.  However, should you wish to discuss any element of the process with me, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

Subject Presentations and the Options Information Booklet

We have uploaded subject presentations which contain all of the relevant information pertaining to the courses on offer, onto the Millom School website for you to watch/read. The presentations will assist you in discussing with your child, your child’s thoughts re their Option choices until the Options application window closes at the end of the month (26th January 2022). There is also a Year 9 Subject Information_Options Booklet which can be accessed in PDF format to assist parents/carers and students further.   

Access to the Subject Presentations and the Information Booklet

Parents/carers and students can access the subject information in PDF document format by clicking on the blue button on the right hand pane of this webpage (towards the top).  Access the subject presentations by clicking on the green buttons in the right hand pane of this webpage.  If you are accessing the page using a hand-held device, you may need to scroll to the bottom of your page to see the link buttons.

Year 9 Options Application Form

Students in Year 9 have been sent a link which enables them to access and complete the Options Application Form.  This link was shared on Monday 17th January.  I have, however, included a link to the form on this page, also. It can be found below the links to the Options Subject Presentations. 

The application form can only be completed by each student once.  Only students are able to complete and submit the form.  However, you may wish to support your child as they complete the application form, to ensure that they complete the process as accurately as possible.  If you have any concerns/queries, please do not hesitate to contact school.  The deadline for completion of the online form and application process is 11:45pm on 26th January 2022. 

Many thanks,

Mr Baggaley