Getting Ready for Millom School


Dear parent/Carer

Please find below a set of learning activities for you to download, which are intended to help your child to feel confidently prepared to commence Autumn Term at Millom School.

Please help your child to make regular use of these resources (we advise little and often), aiming to work with care and to attempt all of the tasks. These are to be brought into school, for return to subject departments through form teachers in the first week of term.

I hope that your child will enjoy reinforcing and developing their learning over the course of the academic year and that this measure will help to allay some of the anxieties of starting secondary school.

Keep coming back to the ‘Year 6 Transition’ website pages for additional support over the remaining weeks of this term, including a welcome video for pupils and an information video for parents. Teaching staff are also visiting children in primary schools where this is possible. Parents/carers and pupils will also be given the opportunity to meet with a senior member of staff during the summer term. We know how important this physical contact is for answering questions and building relationships.


Moving from primary school to secondary school can be a truly daunting prospect, so at Millom School, we are keen to make that transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

This page is designed for those pupils making the switch from primary to secondary and is filled with a wide range of information about what life at Millom School is like.

We're aware that you will have a whole list of questions of your own, so where better to begin than with a few of our frequently asked questions?

How will I make new friends?

We will make sure that you are in the same tutor group as somebody from your primary school. Some new pupils are the only student coming to join us at Millom from their primary school and in this case, we will try to find other people you might know from a club or activity you attend outside of school for instance. Otherwise, our teachers and students work hard to reassure you and help you to settle in quickly. Trying out the extra-curricular activities is a good way to make new friends.

If I get lost, who will help me?

Older students will take you to every lesson and pick you up on the Taster Days. This will ensure that you don't easily get lost. However, if you are ever unsure, do ask any student or adult in school - they will be eager to help you!

What kinds of clubs are there?

There are a number of clubs to join in, including STEM club, rugby, arts and crafts, drama and more. You will be told which activities are on each day and everybody is welcome!