Mobile Device Policy

To protect our pupils from cyber bullying and minimise disruption to lessons by use of mobile devices, the school has a strict policy.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices as outlined above are not permitted to be used or held in any part of the school site during the school day. Pupils are not permitted to wear headphones connected to personal devices whilst in school.

However, the school recognises the role mobile phones play in assisting parents and pupils with arranging lifts after school and monitoring pupil safety. Parents are therefore able to allow pupils to bring a phone to school under the following conditions:

Conditions of use – Before, during and after the school day

  • The device is switched off at all times whilst in school including all breaks and between lessons.
  • The device is kept out of sight in a bag at all times including all breaks and between lessons.
  • The device is brought into school at the risk of the parent and pupil, the school accepts no responsibility for the security of these items, or damage during the school day and has no insurance cover for devices of this type being brought into school by pupils.
  • Parents and pupils must ensure that files stored on these devices do not contain violent, degrading or offensive images. The transmission of some images/information can be a criminal offence and will be dealt with as such by the school.
  • Cyber bullying is completely unacceptable, and will be followed up by the school as serious misbehaviour.

Conditions of use – 6th Form students

  • The use of mobile device is permitted by Year 12 and Year 13 pupils within the limits of the 6form common room. This exception does not extend to any other part of the school.
  • Students may be invited to use their mobile devices within a lesson or activity, if directed by staff to aid their learning. The school will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in this situation should they not have the stated equipment.

Consequences of failing to follow the rules above

Pupils who repeatedly fail to comply with the guidance above will face a more rapid escalation of sanction.

A pupil found holding or using a mobile device on the school site will have the phone confiscated until the end of the day. The mobile device will be held at Reception and recorded as a confiscated item. The school office will record the confiscation on the school information management system. A pupil refusing to hand over a mobile device will be failing to follow a reasonable request from a member of staff and will face a higher sanction. Pupils who repeatedly fail to comply with the guidance above will face a more rapid escalation of sanction. The following sanctions will apply following more than one confiscation within a school year;

  • 2 offences – 15 minute Form Tutor detention
  • 3 offences – Whole School detention
  • 4 offences – Isolation with Form Tutor
  • 5 offences – Isolation with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
More than 5 offences – Higher sanctions, ranging up to exclusion from school. Parental support would be sought in addition to the above sanctions. Where isolation or exclusion from school is to be considered as a sanction, the school will take steps to notify home of the sanction being applied.