Health and Social Care

What is the importance of the subject? Why should pupils be studying it? Why should they care about it? How might the subject link to the real world/ real life scenarios?

The aim of Health and Social care is to develop an understanding about the Health and Social Care sector. About 3 million people work in Health and Social Care. Health care roles include doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants; while social care roles include care assistants, occupational therapists, counsellors and administrators. Together, they account for nearly one in ten of all paid jobs in the UK. Demand for both Health and Social Care is likely to rise; so they will continue to play a key role in UK society and the demand for people to carry out these vital roles will increase. Study of this sector at Key Stage 4 will provide an opportunity for practical application alongside conceptual study. Students will be encouraged to use their work experience in Year 10 to experience firsthand a job role within the health care sector. Two thirds of the course is completed using ICT; which provides the students with key skills needed within the modern workplace.


Through studying Health and Social Care, learners will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • How people grow and develop over the course of their lives from infancy to old age, and the factors that may affect development, such as diet, relationships, poverty or wealth.
  • The impact of major life events like marriage or parenthood. Learners will analyse these impacts from a positive and negative viewpoint, demonstrating empathy. Learners will understand how people adapt to these changes and the support that is available to them.
  • The range of local Health and Social Care Services, and how they may meet individual needs, as well as barriers that may make it harder to use these services.


  • Will be given the opportunity to demonstrate, and apply, the key care values; such as dignity and respect for others, to real life scenarios
  • Will understand how to analyse and interpret lifestyle and physiological data, and be able to design appropriate health and well-being improvement plans.
  • Will also develop skills that are essential for careers in both Health and Social Care and the wider employment market generally. These include verbal and written communication, team working, working from a prescribed brief, working to deadlines, presenting information effectively, as well as accurately completing administrative tasks and processes.

What are the key concepts or big ideas underpinning the subject?

Human Lifespan Development - explore human growth and development across life stages and the factors that affect it. Investigate how individuals deal with life events.

Health and Social Care Services and Values - the different types of Health and Social Care services and barriers to accessing them. Considered attitudes most important in Health and Social Care; including the care values that are vitally important in the sector, and the opportunity to practice applying them.

Health and Wellbeing - factors that affect health and wellbeing and understand how to interpret various health indicators. Understanding of Person-centred health and wellbeing improvement plans and how to overcome obstacles in applying them. Development of key skills that prove your aptitude in Health and Social Care; such as interpreting data to assess an individual’s health.

Cooperation (social) - Engage in cooperative activities and enjoy communicating, collaborating with each other within a team. Students will be encouraged to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills (either individually) or as a group.

Challenge - Succeed and excel demanding activities. Students will develop an understanding of how to improve in increasingly complex and demanding activities.

Preparation for life - Students are encouraged to become involved in a range of activities that develops their understanding of the Health and Social Care section within the UK.

Health and Social Care and the law - Students are encouraged to become involved in a range of activities that develops their understanding of the Health and Social Care section and legislation within the UK context.