Our enrichment programme forms a central part of the Millom School community. Students at the school take part in a range of enrichment activities on a Wednesday afternoon.

Activities are run by teachers, support staff and by visiting agencies and companies who are experts in their field.
The programme has been designed to broaden student’s experiences and develop skills and qualities, that universities and employers find attractive in potential candidates. The Millom Learner is a student who is determined, positive and an excellent communicator. They are an independent investigator who can collaborate with others and is keen to develop their understanding across a range of different areas. Enrichment offers students the chance to develop through a range of different experiences and provides staff the chance to foster environments that promote and instil these in students.

Students and parents are given an enrichment booklet in the summer term, detailing the offer for the next academic year. This information gives an overview of what the student will learn, any off site visits, any equipment needed and any cost associated with it.

Enrichment is subsidised by the school budget, however a voluntary contribution of £15 is requested to help cover the rising cost of resources and continue to utilise external organisations. Some activities may additional contributions, for trips and visits; these are all detailed in the enrichment booklet. 

Students will participate in up to 6 enrichment activities over the course of the year, mixing with students from all year groups. In year 7, all students participate in a team building activity, which helps to aid the process of starting secondary school and develop a sense of community and team work within the year group.


This year’s booklet can be found using the link at the top of the page. 

If you wish to discuss anything or have any concerns over any costs, please contact school using the enrichment email;