How Can You Help Your Child Do Well At School?

In school we know a lot about helping students to be successful and make good progress towards their examination results. We also know that no matter how hard the school works and no matter how good the teaching is, that children are children!

A major part of the school’s work is to get better at its ability to inform parents and carers as to how they can help their children be successful. We will seek to do this through the provision of regular consultations and extended school services. We will work hard to try and ensure that the school is a welcoming place with a clear ethos and sense of values. The school will continue to strive to be inclusive and value the contributions of all.

It is clear to us that even with the best quality teaching, care and support, children will not make good progress unless they feel safe, valued and happy. Children, particularly younger children, can be subject to immense peer group pressure and whether we like it or not, this pressure can at times be greater than any other advice.

In addition to this we also know that one of the major factors in how well children do well at school is down to their parents. We accept that it is difficult to know what to do to support children, particularly as they navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence. However, there is a lot parents can do by creating a supportive environment at home. This can include:

  • Taking an interest and asking your children what they learned or did at school today.
  • Providing a quiet, well lit study area at home.
  • Taking an interest in students’ timetables and looking in their exercise books as well as their planners.
  • Knowing when homework is expected to be set and taking the care to help and support with out of school learning.
  • Making sure children eat sensibly.
  • Talking to children about life style choices and keeping themselves safe from negative influences and harm.
  • Attending parents’ and curriculum evenings in school.