Computing & ICT

Warm greetings from the Computing Department of Millom School.

The collection, processing and communication of data happens all around us, underpinned by modern technology.

Knowing how and why data is gathered and being able to turn raw data into something meaningful is essential as the learner moves through education and into employment. To be able to do this the learner will need to have the confidence to use a range of information technology that is currently available, as well as being adaptable and resilient enough to deal with the rapid advances.

Our team of specialist professionals deliver a curriculum which has been fine tuned to fully prepare students for this rapidly evolving technological marketplace of employment.

Key Concepts

  • The computer system (hardware/software)
  • Presenting information (Desktop Publishing/Word processing/digital imaging)
  • Data modelling (financial spreadsheets)
  • Data handling (databases)
  • Web Design
  • Programming in a text-based language (Python)
  • Computational thinking (abstraction/pattern recognition/algorithmzs)
  • Networks (topologies/hardware)Distribution channels (cloud/email)
  • Project management (system development life cycle/SMART)
  • Cyber security
  • The Internet of things
  • Legal, ethical, cultural and environmental issues

Key ‘Learning Capacities’ in this subject

  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Confidence to investigate possible solutions; not be afraid to get things wrong and learn from their mistakes
  • Resilience and perseverance: don’t be reluctant to ask for help
  • Foster a positive mind set.
  • Be able to tackle projects in a determined and systematic manner
  • Able to communicate in a range of modes